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    If you are serious about your language study, you know that a monolingual dictionary is a must. Purchasing the Van Dale NT2 dictionary, gives you the best-in-class Dutch monolingual dictionary. A dictionary specifically created for Dutch-as-a-second language students.


    Access about 15.000 terms from the dictionary that offer grammatical information (eg. de/het), simple explanations and example sentences. For certain headwords there are also pictures which facilitate comprehension.

    The license is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.



    • 15.000+ headwords
    • Specific for NT2 students
    • Explanations and example sentences in simple Dutch
    • Grammatical information (e.g. de/het)
    • Helpful images for selected words
    • €19,95 yearly license (no subscription)
    To upgrade go to the DutchReader Shop


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