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DutchReader: an attractive and user-friendly tool

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As a language teacher, you want your students to learn vocabulary efficiently. At the same time, you notice that in the age of multimedia reading skills tend to deteriorate. In order to address this issue, students need to get the right reading material: texts that are engaging enough for them to read and at the same time are not too difficult or too easy for their level. 

However, continuously feeding students with engaging reading materials is too time-consuming. You cannot easily find texts that are short enough and relevant to every individual student. 

DutchReader addresses this problem by automatically suggesting news articles to your students. They can choose their favourite subject and read articles that are interesting to them. Within the article, they get all the necessary support in order to learn and practise new words.

The highlight of DutchReader's approach is the concept of contextual learning. Rather than inciting students to memorize lists of words, it uses example sentences taken from authentic sources in order to explain word meaning. The practice exercises also use original context, which ensures an optimal learning effect.

Thanks to its innovative adaptive technology, DutchReader tracks user progress and comes up with the right word and article suggestions. Vocabulary expansion becomes effortless and students are motivated by reading material relevant to them. Result: you save time while you boost your students’ learning efficiency.

Give it a try now and let us know what you think!

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