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Making a challenge attainable

Dutch is a language that requires constant practice. However, most learners have busy schedules which make the daily integration of Dutch-learning activities practically impossible. The fact that they are trying to add an extra burden to their already full routines is the main reason why attempts to improve their Dutch skills are often doomed to failure.

A more effective strategy consists in adjusting your current activities in a smart way. Indeed, successful learners take every opportunity to carry out more of their existing activities in Dutch. One of those activities you can easily target is your daily news reading. The reasoning is simple: You probably already engage in reading articles about the latest developments in politics, finance, sports or any other subject that attracts your interest. Why not do this in Dutch if you can still do it fast?


Smart features

By using Dutch Reader, you take advantage of the most innovative tool for fast vocabulary expansion currently available. More than a simple news reader, Dutch Reader uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to offer you a unique learning experience.

Firstly, it scans all the major Dutch news sources to find articles that correspond to your personal level. This translates to the ideal learning material for each user: easy enough to be read and understood quickly and effectively and difficult enough to contribute to the substantial expansion of your vocabulary.

Secondly, it provides you with the right suggestions divided in subjects so that you will not be confronted with articles that are boring or of little value to you in terms of content. The fact that the articles are always current adds to their function of keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments. This results into considerable time saving, as you do not need an extra news reading source besides Dutch Reader.

Thirdly, Dutch Reader makes sure you learn new words fast from every article you read. After having gone through the article, you get an automatized exercise in which you have to practise three words. Dutch Reader knows what it can realistically expect of the learner, so it does not ask you to actively memorize all words you do not know. Although the pedagogical principle of subconscious contextual learning will work by storing more words in your memory, on a conscious level you only have to concentrate on the memorization of three words. This a time-efficient and user-friendly approach of vocabulary expansion.

This learning experience is reinforced by the biggest advantage a browser extension offers when compared to a native app: open in your browser the article you would like to read and enjoy all the functionality that you can access through the procedure described above. With Dutch Reader you are not even limited to the article suggestions it makes, as you can go to practically any online news article in Dutch and get the word highlighting, translations and practice exercises you need.

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Constant improvements

A final consideration about Dutch Reader needs to be borne in mind: The technology deployed is constantly updated to meet the fast changing demands of its users and improve its pedagogical effectiveness. High expertise in linguistics and AI is used to achieve a continuous increase of Dutch Reader’s quality and usefulness. Share your feedback with us now and be part of the ongoing revolution in language learning!

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