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DutchReader: news articles become smart

· EdTech,Dutch

An innovative Chrome browser extension allows you to learn Dutch by reading news articles.

Technology is changing the way learners engage in the second language acquisition procedure. Traditional methods are and will remain relevant for effective language learning, but the learning results can drastically improve with the help of integrated smart technologies. The advantage of the latter is that they can offer personalized and current material.

The Amsterdam-based EdTech startup Knowble has developed DutchReader, a Chrome browser extension that analyzes online news articles from the major Dutch newspapers into language learning material. It suggests articles that correspond to the difficulty level that is most beneficial for the learner and then guides her through the article she has chosen by highlighting the words she does not yet know.

It also offers simple exercises so that the learner can practice personalized target words in real contexts. DutchReader uses data tracking in order to estimate the learner’s knowledge of the language and make better suggestions. Over time it can display a high degree of accuracy in predicting unknown words and, as such, save time and improve learning efficiency. This personalization component is becoming more and more important in education practices because it caters for the individual needs of each learner.

This new tool stands out by giving you the opportunity to combine language learning with staying up-to-date with the latest news. This builds on the practice of reading news in the target language by making it simpler and more efficient. Maximum engagement is attained through current content and personalization to the user’s level.

If you are curious to see how this new technology works, you can download DutchReader here. Do not forget to like DutchReader on Facebook and follow us on Twitter in order to receive our latest updates and useful tips for improving your Dutch skills.

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