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6 movies for when you have nothing to do

Sometimes, after a long day, all you want to do is slouch down on the couch and stretch you legs. Netflix and chill. Of course you can start to go through the endless options of movies, but that means that by the time you found something to watch it's probably bedtime already. Don't worry though! We're here to give you a few tips that will help you with your Dutch as well.

Zwartboek (Black Book)

Zwartboek is directed by Paul Verhoeven. You know, the guy that also made Robocop and Total Recall (the original, not the remake). This movie follows Carice van Houten as Rachel, a Jewish Singer, that tries to infiltrate the local SS office. And it's pretty tense. Besides, you might learn something too! 

Lucia de B.

This thriller is based on a true story. Nurse Lucia de B. is accused of killing her patients. She claims she's innocent, even after she has been send to jail after her trial.

Dansen op de vulkaan (Dancing on the Vulcano)

All Maarten wants is to be a normal teenager. However, Maarten has a chronical illness. He finds relieve in dancing and he's pretty good at it as well! He tries to hide his illness from the world but really pushes his body to it's limit doing so. Will this end well?


For the people that prefer watching series to movies there's Freddy. This series is about Freddy Heineken. You guessed it: the one from the beer. We follow Freddy while he tries to keep the family business afloat. Also, the series shines light on the now infamous kidnapping.

Toscaanse bruiloft (Tuscan wedding)

The romantic movie is situated in a idyllic villa in Tuscany. We learn about it's inhabitant and all it's visitors, since the villa is used as a wedding location quite often. All those emotions can cause a little drama...

New Kids Turbo

We all know Dutch movies can be a little crazy. New Kids Turbo does not disappoint on that part. If you're looking for crazy stunts and bizar situations you've found the right film for you.

Now sit back and relax and enjoy your screen time!

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