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6 Dutch movies to ease the winter blues

We had a serious case of the Blue Monday’s. And we totally understand that you might have lost a little motivation for studying. When you look outside and all you see is grey skies and rain, all you want to do is turn up the heat inside, jump on the couch and get cosy watching a movie. We get it. But what if we told you that watching a movie does not have to stand in your way of learning Dutch?

The Musical - Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster (Yes Nurse, No Nurse)

This movie remake of the a popular TV series from the ‘60s touches everybody’s heart. The adventures and jokes of Nurse Klivia and her patients are legendary in our small country. And while watching you will learn some classic Dutch songs like: Mijn opa and De Twips.

The Romantic Comedy - Alles is Liefde (Everything is Love)

Alles is Liefde is a romantic comedy in the style of Love, Actually. We follow the lives of a couple of characters all looking for love in their own way. Traditionally a holiday movie, since it’s set around the Sinterklaas festivities, but still enjoyable now with the cold weather. A perfect movie for somebody that can enjoy all aspects of love, from the royal engagement to the small everyday acts of care.

The Horror Movie - Amsterdamned

A true classic! This movie about a murderous diver in the Amsterdam canals makes you look at our capital city in a very different way.

The Indie Movie - Wolf

As a young kickboxer’s fighting talents start to grow, so does the interest of criminal underworld. As the worlds of kickboxing and organised crime start to blur, he loses sight of what he really wants. The film is shot entirely in black and white adding greatly to the atmosphere of the story. And the main character is one to watch! Marwan Kenzari was just cast to play Jafar in the life action adaptation of Aladdin.

The Thriller - Het Dinner

Based on the book by Herman Koch, this thrilling story is set in what might be the least scary setting: the family dinner table. Two couples discuss everything but the actual problem, the fact that their sons might have comited a murder. Think a movie set in the same room for its entire duration is boring? Think again! And don’t cheat by watching the American remake that came out last year!

The Drama - Komt een Vrouw bij de Dokter

The book by Kluun with the same name stirred up a lot of emotions. The struggle of a man trying to deal with his wife having cancer and dying resonated with people. It will be tough to keep dry eyes when watching this one.

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