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5 words to help survive the wet weather

It has been said that the Dutch have more words to describe the rain than the Inuit have for snow. There could be 'motregenen' or 'stortregenen'. It could be a small 'buitje' or a large 'onweersbui'. You could say 'plenzen', it can be 'wisselvallig', or it could 'miezeren'. So many possibilities. But only calling the rain by the right name doesn't keep you dry. That's why we'll describe 5 waterproof words that will help you with the wet weather.

Regenpak (rain suit)

A rain suit consists out of two parts: a rain jacket at a pair of pants. For a true Dutchie this combination is absolutely necessary. How else are you going to arrive at work or school with dry clothes? In order to be fully waterproof you can a pair of rain boots to your outfit. Now you can jump into every puddle along the way and keep your feet dry.

Paraplu (umbrella)

if you don't want to invest in a rain suit you can use an umbrella to stay dry. The downside of an umbrella in this country is that winds can be strong here, especially when the weather is bad. And they are not very practical on you bike either. So hold on tight!

Waterdicht of waterafstotend (waterproof or water resistant)

When buying a new raincoat you have to be aware of what kind of coat you are buying. Is it waterproof or water resistant? A water resistant coat will keep you dry during light showers. But the rain will start to seep through the fabric if you stay out in heavy rain. A waterproof coat should keep you dry and warm in any weather. Even the heavy storms.

Schuilen (take cover)

If you get caught in the rain without the proper protection you van always take cover somewhere. Trees or the overhang of a building are perfect for waiting out the rain. And if you happen to choose a café to take shelter, don't forget to order yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Regenboog (rainbow)

Fortunately not everything is dark an grey all the time. After rain there's always sunshine. Sometimes we're lucky and we get to see a beautiful rainbow. If the weathers been bad for a couple of consecutive days we sometimes forget that nice weather still exists. So remember: The sun hides behind the clouds!

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