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4 tips to keep up with your Dutch regardless of your location

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For those of you who either live abroad or travel a lot, keeping up with the Dutch language can be more of a challenge than for those who live in the Netherlands and get the chance to practise it every day.

However, improving your skills in any language is a matter of regular practice. Immersing yourself in the language on a daily basis will give you the results you’ve been hoping for. Here are a few suggestions of what you can do to use Dutch on the way, without having to spend extravagant amounts for self-study.

1. Listen to Dutch playlists

Research has indicated that listening to music offers significant benefits, like lowering stress and improving mood. But most importantly, music strengthens learning and memory. Even for the busiest among us, there is always some time to enjoy our favourite songs. Why not try listening to songs with Dutch lyrics instead of the usual English songs?

Dutch music will get you exposed to new words and train your ear to pronunciation. It will also help you memorize a great deal of vocabulary and constructions through rhythm and repetition. Look for ‘Nederlandstalige muziek’ in your favourite streaming service and you will discover a bunch of ready-made playlists like this one.

2. Use a language exchange app to chat with Dutch speakers

Do you often come up with ways to say things in Dutch but are not sure if you are expressing yourself correctly? Do you lack a partner in crime for practising all the nice stuff you have learned? Language exchange apps have you covered!

HelloTalk is a great choice with a large community of users. Install it on your Android or Apple phone and let your language exchange buddy keep you company in Dutch no matter where you are!

3. Watch workout videos in Dutch

Do you work out at home or while travelling? Or have you always wanted to work out on the go without ever finding enough motivation to do so? You now have two reasons to integrate this habit into your daily routine: It boosts your health and you can do it in Dutch!

Check out this YouTube channel for the coolest short workouts in Dutch. The biggest advantage for you as a learner is that you both listen and watch the movements, so you get a live illustration of the meanings of words you don’t know.

4. Read the news in Dutch with the help of DutchReader

Consider how much time you spend reading the news. Have you ever thought about using Dutch resources? DutchReader helps you understand everything you read while you automatically improve your vocabulary through contextual learning. It saves you time by immersing you in the Dutch language during one of your existing daily activities.

This augmented newsreading experience is specifically designed for learners of Dutch as a second language. By means of advanced computational linguistics technology, you get the best article suggestions for your level. Try it out now, it’s free!

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