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4 Dutch signs that Spring is on it's way

It finally looks like Winter is coming to an end. the days are becoming longer and the temperature is slightly higher than it's been the past few weeks. The world looks a little friendlier almost immediately. Where last week you could still go on a ice skating tour, this week you can find the first of the emerging spring flowers. The Netherlands has it's own typical signs of Spring. We'll mention a few in this article.

Voorjaarsbloemen (Spring flowers)

Typical Dutch Spring flowers are for example daffodils, crocuses and of course tulips. These flowers you plant in the fall before the start of winter so they can start growing at the first signs of Spring weather. Slowly you'll notice the yellow, purple and orange colours appearing everywhere. That also mean it's almost that time of year when you can go and visit the Keukenhof (22 March). This special garden hosts 800 different species of tulips is only open for the public for a few weeks each year. And isn't the most well known sign of Dutch Spring time those endless feels of colourful tulips?!

Hardlopers (Running)

Of course we already knew the Dutch are very fit from biking everywhere. When the first sun beams break through those dark winter clouds the city parks are flooded with people. Not people that seek to spend their leisure time in nature but fanatic athletes. As soon as the nicer weather start all of the country puts on their running shoes. On to your first 5K! 

Lammetjes (lambs)

One of the first places you'll notice it's Spring time is the meadows. But it's not flowers again, it's all the baby animals. Little lambs have been a sign of Spring for ages. Nobody can't deny that life is beautiful when you take a break from your bike ride on sunny Spring day looking at the tiny lambs jumping around like there's no tomorrow.

Rokjesdag (Skirt day)

There this strange phenomenon that's buzzing through this country during Spring time. This special day is on a different date each year, there's no official announcement before hand but still everyone seems to know when that day has arrived: rokjesdag. Rokjesdag is the first day of Spring when all the ladies collective but individually decide that the weather is nice enough to wear a skirt without something that covers your legs like a panty hose. Every year this day gets it's own section in the news and unofficially it's seen as the real first sign of nice weather. It's something different from sweater weather alright.

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